Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Google Hacks Samsung Galaxy S6 During Internal Competition

During an internal competition at the offices of Google are employees of the Internet giant has managed to hack a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which ultimately resulted in 11 serious vulnerabilities. Google has a team of hackers called Project Zero.

The team looks for vulnerabilities in popular software. This time, the hackers also decided to look at a handset from Samsung. Most Android devices are namely not created by Google, but by external parties, known as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). These manufacturers use the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) as the basis for their devices.According to Google, OEMs are an important area for Android screening.

Namely manufacturers add all kinds of code and applications increasing, which can introduce new vulnerabilities. The manufacturers decide if and when they deploy updates. After previously having been created by a Google Nexus device examined Project Zero now decided to look at the safety of an OEM device. In addition to finding vulnerabilities, the researchers were also curious to see how quickly they were resolved. It was ultimately for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge chosen because a high-end device with many users.


It was then decided to organize a match between the North American members of Project Zero and the European section. The teams were given a week's time for the challenge. Eventually there were 11 vulnerabilities discovered and reported to Samsung. Eight of the leaks were patched by Samsung during patch cycle of October. The remaining three will be resolved this month. Who the match between the two teams eventually won, Google has not disclosed.

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