Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Mozilla Launches Firefox With Built AdBlocker

Mozilla today released a new version of Firefox was launched which features a built AdBlocker, so as to better protect user privacy. According to Mozilla must Tracking Protection, as the new feature is called, give users more control and choice while browsing the Web.

Users can now determine which data third parties receive them. "The Private Browsing mode on Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge does not provide the protection that Firefox offers," said Mozilla's Nick Nguyen. Private Browsing with Tracking Protection will namely active ads, analytics trackers and buttons for sharing content on social media block.

Since some sites do not work properly if certain trackers are blocked, it is possible to simply Tracking Protection for a particular website off. There is also a new control center to the browser added that collects all security and privacy settings in one place. Firefox 42 also does not contain security updates. Updating via the browser,

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