Sunday, 1 November 2015

Pentagon Wants More Cyber Discipline At Workplace

The Pentagon wants employees to have more knowledge of Internet threats and has developed a plan for cyber discipline "in the workplace should provide. Terry Halvorsen announced that the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the US Department of Defense.

Follow Halvorsen is important that as people go online, they do so with the appropriate rules and knowledge. To achieve this knowledge the Pentagon has developed a plan. "First we look at the basics, such as higher levels of education and more tools for common attacks such as spear phishing, setting up fake sites, things like that." The second step is mainly looked at it the more advanced threats and how they can be prevented. "It is the same combination of training, education and tools, but they are more advanced and you need more education and training." Also according to Halvorsen comes to teaching managers and ensure they know what their responsibilities are and what they need to know.

To bring the desired cyber discipline in card will the Pentagon to work with a scorecard, which measures how leaders, units and commanders do it. "Everyone is judged," said Halvorsen. The new policy has implications not only for the military, but also for suppliers, reports Federal News Radio. In addition, managers will also be held accountable for IT security problems.This relates to measures that both users and their commander accountable if there are violated basic rules for "cyber hygiene". How it will actually look Halvorsen did not know, but according to the CIO know people in the army of the consequences if they do not comply with the basic rules for cyber hygiene.

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