Friday, 6 November 2015

Researcher Unveils First Ransomware For Mac

A Brazilian researcher is the first ransomware developed for Mac OS X, in his own words to break the myth that there is no malware for the Mac. Rafael Marques calls his creation "Mabouia 'and this is a so-called" proof-of- concept. "

A creation which is intended purely for demonstration purposes and the investigator wrote in two days. He will therefore not publish the source code of the malware. Although there are already 'ransomware' for Mac was released in these cases to Javascript code that the browser unlocked and a warning that supposedly showed the FBI or Europol originated. Files on the computer remained unaffected.

The Marques of ransomware encrypts files and actually uses the eXtended Tiny Encryption Algorithm (XTEA) and then sends the key to a server. The researchers developed a way to decrypt the files. Critics argue that the ransomware is not as complex as the ransomware for Windows. "I never said that [the ransomware] is complex. I made ​​it in two days. But it's still the first Mac OS X ransomware", as the researcher leaves via Twitter know. He also made ​​this demonstration video.

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