Sunday, 22 March 2015

14,000 US Patients Data Stolen By Email Hacking

An American healthcare has warned 14,000 patients that their data is stolen after a third party that handles billing with was to create an e-mail hack. One of the employees of this company was last year, according to the carer the victim of an " email hacking attack , "where username and passwords were compromised.

The incident was on December 3 last year discovered by the billing company, while the caregiver was told that on February 2 this year. Then there was established a research which showed that in the e-mail account of the attacked employee was the personal information of 14,000 patients, including names, date of birth, diagnosis, procedure, treatment dates, account numbers, costs and names of doctors.

In the case of 40 patients it was also to social security numbers. The healthcare provider will notify all affected patients by mail. In addition, there will be the email provider to see whether the already "robust security" can be tightened and staff will "email hacking attacks" are informed.

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