Monday, 23 March 2015

Microsoft Internet Explorer Still Alive

Internet Explorer was the last week in the American media declared dead now, Microsoft provides the following browser a new name, but according to the software giant's IE still alive. "Rumors of the demise of Internet Explorer are greatly exaggerated," says Microsoft's Dane King-Smith, program manager of Internet Explorer. In January, however, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will launch a new browser, called " Project Spartan ". A name that Microsoft this week again brought to the attention.

However, the advent of this browser does not imply that it immediately with Internet Explorer has ended. According to King-Smith is important that all Windows users using the latest IE version. In addition, Microsoft has released an update for the Enterprise Site Discovery Toolkit for IE released. The first version of the toolkit was released in October and allows system administrators to measure the use of IE11 with internal applications, such as pages visited, Active X controls and used websites or applications that crash.

So organizations can see which applications staff use the most and in what way. This should make it easier to upgrade to the latest version of IE. Instead of testing a browser-upgade for all applications can be looked for which applications this is the most important. The update to the Enterprise Site Discovery Toolkit now also allows to collect information from IE8-, IE9- and IE10 users. System administrators should have the option to turn on the workstation, since IE collects this information yourself. In addition, no information is also collected as InPrivate browsing mode is selected.

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