Saturday, 21 March 2015

Oracle Stops Security Updates For Java 7

Oracle Java users warned that after April no more security updates are offered for Java 7, unless a special agreement is concluded. This runs the risk of a large number of users to sit with an unsupported version, unless they upgrade to Java 8.

In January PaaS provider Jelastic published an overview of the various Java versions that are in use. Then it turns out that 83% of users still using the Java version 7. Java 6 is already installed in 14% of users, while the latest version of Java, Java 8, was found in only 3% of the Java Users. Like Microsoft Windows XP organizations the opportunity to continue receiving updates while supporting stopped for consumers, Oracle also does this.

"As described in the Oracle JDK Support roadmap, Oracle will after April 2015 no updates for Java SE7 to publish public download site. Customers who need access to critical bug fixes and security updates as well as general support for Java SE 7 or older versions may have a long-term contract support for close, " said the software giant on its own website.

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