Friday, 20 March 2015

Google: Tech Companies Will Win Encryption Fight

Technology will eventually win the battle to encrypt user data so that governments can not reach, so does Google CEO Eric Schmidt during a lecture at the American Enterprise Institute announced in Washington DC. In recent months, Google and other IT companies regularly came under fire for instance because they encrypt data by default.

This would make the work of investigative services difficult. Some investigative agencies such as the NSA , even found that "backdoors" had to be added so that it was still possible to monitor suspects. Schmidt said that he had "sympathy" had the arguments of investigative services and intelligence to see what is happening. The idea to add backdoors can not count on his support.

"We do not know how to add a backdoor on these systems that is accessible only for the good guys. If we add a backdoor to our system, we must first disclose make because people eventually find him anyway. And would also malignant someone besides the good guys find a way to get in. " According to Schmidt there is fierce resistance from the industry. "And I think we will win this, at least in America, because the encryption technology is well understood and the current encryption we use is not large crack."

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