Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Oracle Provides Mac Version Of Java Again With "Adware"

Oracle has started with the delivery of the Java installation for Mac with the infamous Ask Toolbar. Also users get back to whether they have their home in want to change. In early March showed that Oracle had the setup of Java for Mac bundled with the Ask Toolbar.

The software does this for some time for the Windows version, but it's the first time it does this for the Mac version. The Ask Toolbar is labeled as adware by different parties. The toolbar uses the Ask search engine, which would be full of bad classified ads. Advertisements that are not of the "organic" results would be distinguished in most cases.

There was considerable controversy because of bundling the Ask Toolbar and after a week seemed Oracle thus stopped to be. Several parties indicated they when installing Java to see the toolbar no longer received. Security firm Intego reports that Oracle now controls the location of users first before it is decided to activate the installation of the Ask Toolbar. Thus, French users will not see the toolbar, while US users will be asked if they want to install.

Regardless of the country of the user is always installed the "Sponsors.framework" when installing Java on the Mac, which again to install the Ask Toolbar is responsible. Intego suspects that the Ask Toolbar can be enabled with future updates , without the need for Java to be installed. The framework would say, if it is already installed, can be updated silently.

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