Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Problems Solved Updates For Windows Server 2003

Microsoft has problems with two security updates for Windows Server 2003 last week appeared resolved.It is Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-025 , which fixes multiple vulnerabilities in the Windows kernel. Due to an error, Microsoft continued to offer the update to users, even though they had already installed the patch.

There is now a new version of the update appeared. Both users that the first version of the update had not yet installed, and administrators who had done so, need to install the new version. According to Microsoft, this is necessary to avoid future problems with detection updates.

The second problem arose in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-027 , which fixes a vulnerability in NETLOGON. After installing the update could be "connectivity issues" arise. Also in this case there is a new version of the update appeared that administrators need to install Server 2003, regardless of whether they had or not installed the first version of the update.

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