Thursday, 26 March 2015

Anti-virus Company Provides Alarm After 22 Million Toolbars

Antivirus company Avira has sounded the alarm after the last month 22 million toolbars, plug-ins that display ads, programs that hijack search results and other "potentially unwanted software" (PUA) detected on users' computers. In most cases, the toolbars and adware are bundled with other programs. The virus fighter calls the installation procedures of this type of program is misleading.

The virus scanner from Avira will also detect all software that injects malicious content or an excessive amount of requests personal information. "We believe in free Internet and therefore accept advertising as a means to sponsor content. Downloading software does not mean that you agree to install unwanted or unknown applications on your device," says the virus fighter.

Notorious programs

The five programs Avira most encountered are iLivid, an app that results to forward and all browsers try to infect your computer, SeaSuite, a tool bar that displays ads and injects websites Soft Pulse, a bundle that installs toolbars, NexLive, a browser plug-in that modifies browser settings and OptimizerPro, which monitors the browsing habits and pop-up displays advertisements.

The virus fighter has recently released new guidelines for software developers who need to reduce the amount of unwanted software. It is about rules and behavior where the software should adhere to. It does not, it can be labeled as unwanted software and removed. "Nevertheless, it is extremely important that users understand the risks and protect themselves," Avira says.

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