Monday, 16 March 2015

Former NSA Director: China Has hacked Every Major Company In USA

The Chinese government has in the hunt for valuable data hacked computers of any large American company, as the former director of the NSA did this week during a lecture know at the University of Missouri. "The Chinese are the most aggressive. About 80% of all economic espionage conducted by the Chinese," as told Mike McConnell.

"The Chinese have invaded every large company of any significance in the United States and have stolen information," said the former Director of the NSA. In particular, information for windmills, cars, airplanes, spaceships, plant design and software of Chinese attackers interest would have. McConnell even claimed that the Chinese government, in the last year of the reign of George W. Bush, had more than 100,000 hackers who only engaged in computer hacking.

"They steal terabits of data," McConnell continued. He would regularly have been involved in investigating burglaries at US companies and government agencies. "It has never happened that we encountered no Chinese malware." If the theft of trade secrets is not stopped it will have strategic implications for the US, warned McConnell.

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