Monday, 30 March 2015

Tens Of Thousands Of Frequent Flyer Accounts Hacked British Airways

Attackers have managed to gain access to thousands of frequent flyer accounts of British Airways and steal all kinds of bonus because users had used their password for the service also for one or more other websites, according to the British airline.

In an email to customers affected British Airways announces that the "unauthorized activities" has discovered regarding the "Executive Club account" of the user. It is an automated attack that happened to other places stolen credentials was tried to login. The Guardian reports that for tens of thousands of users are affected. To protect users, it was decided to close all accounts and change the password. Before users can log in again they must first create a new password.

On Reddit and Twitter are all kinds of angry messages from customers who reported that their Avois points are all stolen, formerly known as Air miles. It is a reward program where consumers when shopping sorts can earn bonus points which can then be used for travel. According to British Airways, there would be no personal information captured and is working to resolve the situation.

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