Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Researchers Reveal Solution For Mobile Malware

Researchers from the University of Alabama say they have developed a solution that should reduce the impact of mobile malware. The problem of mobile malware, according to the researchers is mainly caused by users who download applications from untrusted sites that offer infected apps. Once installed on the device has the malware free play.

"The Achilles heel of the security of mobile devices is that security decision depends on the user," says researcher and lecturer Nitesh Saxena. For example, when you install an Android app gets the user's demand that the app will have certain rights. Users can then be distracted or have hurry and so quick to allow these permissions. "Whatever the reason, it is a known problem that people do not look at these warnings and simply" yes "clicks."

Current operating systems provide the researchers not protect against this type of attack. Therefore there was a search for a solution to the important parts of the phone, namely the ability to call the camera and NFC, protect against malware. The result was a security that is based on three hand movements. If a user wants to call that instance must move the device or tap anywhere before the phone rings, while as malware service to telephone calls this movement will fail.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the approach, the researchers collected data from several phone models and users in real or "almost real" scenarios, where both friendly and hostile scenarios were simulated. It emerged that detect hand movements are very accurate and other benign and malignant activities can be distinguished. "In this way, something as simple as human movement to solve a very complex problem," says Saxena. "It makes the weakest link, the user, the strong defender." The researchers plan to develop security for other smartphone services, such as SMS and email.

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