Thursday, 19 March 2015

Qakbot Botnet: "Infects Systems US Police"

Police in the US city of Baltimore has been hit by a computer virus which systems worked slower than normal. IT staff of the police was doing a research on what the inertia of the police systems caused the last few months, when they discovered the virus.

It was a variant of the Qakbot. This malware can data for online banking login credentials for social networks, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo !, credit card information, FTP, POP and IMAP logins, certificates and even steal the browsing history. Also can install additional malware Qakbot. Last year there was still a Qakbot botnet discovered from 500,000 computers existed.

How many computers have been infected with the police of Baltimore by the malware is unknown, but according to officials it could involve hundreds of machines, reports the Baltimore Sun . Police believe that the lack of security updates and other security has ensured that the virus could spread. The police do not think that information has been compromised or stolen.Meanwhile, outside help is enabled and started an investigation into the infection.

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