Saturday, 21 March 2015

Also, Google Chrome And Safari Hacked During Competition

After Internet Explorer and Firefox during the Pwn2Own contest in Vancouver also Google Chrome and Safari hacked. The Pwn2Own contest is an annual event organized at the CanSecWest conference where researchers and the safety of popular browsers, and browser plug-ins can be tested. During the first day of the event there were leaks in Adobe Flash Player (3) Adobe Reader (3) Windows (3) Internet Explorer 11 (2) and Firefox (2) demonstrated.

During the second day were 11 Internet Explorer and Firefox again to believe. Additionally died also Google Chrome and Safari on Mac OS X. The attacks on IE11, Chrome and Safari were demonstrated by Jung Hoon Lee aka "lokihardt". The researcher was awarded a total of $ 225,000. Most of it, $ 110,000, Lee received because of his attack on Google Chrome.The researcher also showed also two Windows Leaks which he could execute code with system privileges.

In total there are 21 vulnerabilities demonstrated during the two days for which no security updates are available from the respective vendors. Microsoft leads with five vulnerabilities in Windows and four leaks in IE11 the list. Details on the vulnerabilities found will be made public until the updates are available.

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