Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Kaspersky launches free anti-theft app for Android

The Russian anti-virus firm Kaspersky Lab has a free Android app launched that allows users to track their phone in case of theft or loss, or can remote wipe. The app is called Phound and offers several options. A device can be so if it is lost or stolen will be blocked. For this, the user must first log on to a special website.

Via GPS, GSM or Wi-Fi networks, it is then possible to find the position of the device. To search for the device to simplify users can also take pictures with the front camera, or display a message on the screen of the device. If the phone or tablet at home or lose the office, it can be detected by the alarm function. The device produces a loud noise and thus goes through until the owner enters a code.

The app also offers the possibility to remotely delete all personal information from the device and the SD card, including contacts, messages and photos. If necessary, it may also be performed a hard reset of the device. The police warns regular owners of smartphones, laptops and tablets to install anti-theft software, as these programs in the event of theft can help in the investigation .

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