Monday, 23 March 2015

Encrypted SMS With Android App SMSSecure

Announced a new app for Android should make it possible again to send encrypted text messages, now another popular Android app that made ​​this possible is stopped. Recently showed Open Whisper Systems , the developer of Secure Text, know that the support of encrypted SMS / MMS is stopped.

According to the developer will be encrypted SMS / MMS never easy to use as encrypted text messages, because users in encrypted SMS manual should exchange the encryption keys before it can be communicated. "We believe that people should not even know what a" key "is, so this obstacle always felt wrong," said the developers.

Also mentions Open WhisperSysms SMS and MMS a "security disaster", because metadata is continuously leaked. SMS messages pass through the servers of telecom companies. The developers do not want the state-run telecom companies like Saudi Arabia, Iran or China can access the metadata Text Secure users. Finally, the support of SMS / MMS make it more difficult for the developers in order to improve the app.


On GitHub is a new app called appeared SMSSecure , a fork of Text Secure. It is a spin-off based on the source code of Text Secure and focuses on encrypted SMS messages. To go with the app to work there needs to be an unencrypted backup Text Secure, which can then be imported by SMSSecure. SMSSecure developed by the Frenchman Bastien Le Querrec.

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