Sunday, 15 March 2015

Website Chef Jamie Oliver Spreading Malware Again

The website of the British chef Jamie Oliver has been hacked again and again spreading malware. The site places attackers malicious code that visitors unnoticed forward to another site. This site contains the Fiesta exploitkit which makes abuse of vulnerabilities in Flash Player, Silverlight and Java.

These are vulnerabilities where all updates to be available. Users who are up-to-date are therefore not at risk. In case users are not up-to-date, it will install a Trojan horse, which is recognized by few virus scanners on VirusTotal. In addition, the malware is signed, even though the certificate used now no longer valid, as reported anti-virus company Malwarebytes. The virus fighter discovered the first hack the website and then warned webmasters that it fixed the problem. Or so it seemed.

The structure used by the attackers to now placed malicious code is very similar to that of the first attack. "That's why we think this is the same infection that was not completely removed or perhaps that a vulnerability in the server or content management system (CMS) is still present," said the researchers. Oliver's website is on the 536ste place of most visited websites in Britain and would attract 10 million visitors each month.

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