Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Windows 10 Will Support Biometric Login

Windows 10 users will be able to scan through their finger, iris or face on both the operating system apps and websites login, so a password is not required. Microsoft has added biometric authentication to the operating system called Windows Hello. "Hello And Windows is not only easier than typing a password, it is also safer," says Microsoft's Joe Belfiore .

The biometric logon will be possible through several new Wnidows 10 devices. In case the device already has a fingerprint reader can be used with Windows 10 to unlock the device. Facial and iris detection requires Windows Hello a combination of special hardware and software.


Another solution that Microsoft has announced passwords and replace hot Passport. Allows users to, for example, websites or apps login without a password is required. Windows 10 authenticates the user in this case, without the need for a password is sent. This allows cybercriminals password nor steal on the server of the website or organization.

Users must first authenticate themselves for this Passport, which through Windows Hello or entering a PIN can. Once the user is authenticated via Passport has direct access to various websites and services. Belfiore notes that both Windows Hello as Passport "opt-in", users have to choose then also there.

"We understand how important it is to protect your biometric data against theft, and therefore your" biometric signature "safely stored on your device and is not shared with anyone," he tells. Meanwhile, Microsoft would work with several manufacturers to deliver devices that work with Windows Hello. In addition, all OEM systems with the Intel Real Sense 3D Camera logging support via face and iris.

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