Sunday, 29 March 2015

China Censor Messages On Google And Mozilla CNNIC

The Chinese authorities have messages from Google and Mozilla censored stating that Chinese certificate authority (CA) CNNIC has been involved in the issue of rogue Google certificate. Reported , an organization that monitors censorship in China.

The rogue Google certificate which Google, Microsoft and Mozilla this week sounded the alarm had been created by the Egyptian company MCS Holding. The company had been given the opportunity of CNNIC, which is a root CA. As root CA is CNNIC trusted by all major browsers. CNNIC had spent an intermediate certificate for MCS Holding, which the company for arbitrary domains could create SSL certificates. Because the intermediate certificate of CNNIC came, they were created SSL certificates also trusted by browsers.

Both Mozilla and Google warned of rogue certificates and announced measures to protect their users. A famous Chinese IT blogger translated the message from Google that both Google and the Chinese search engine Baidu was well indexed. Not much later, the blogger via Twitter announced that he had received a call from the government that he had to remove his post immediately, which he did. The article Mozilla was acquired by several Chinese sites, including the state-owned Huanqiu.

Eventually, all these articles deleted. "This shows again the role CNNIC in the censorship apparatus. CNNIC was, is and will continue to internet censorship," said Great Fire. The organization calls Google, Mozilla, Microsoft and Apple also to say and draw the root certificate from the organization's confidence in CNNIC to protect users worldwide.

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