Sunday, 22 March 2015

Just Patched Flash Player Flaw In sight Cybercriminals

A critical vulnerability in Flash Player that last week was patched used to attack Windows users. Through the vulnerability an attacker can place malware on your computer, for example if the user visits a malicious or hacked website or see a banner gets infected.

Report that security company FireEye and anti-virus company Malwarebytes . The exploits of the leak abuse is added to the Nuclear Exploitkit. This makes it easy for cybercriminals to attack unpatched Flash Users via the vulnerability. In the case, the attack is successful, a Trojan horse is installed there.

Although the update is available for a week does not mean that everyone who has installed, says analyst Jerome Segura."We know that in some cases, consumers, but usually companies, can not immediately install patches. In many cases, there must first be internally tested so that the patch does not disturb any business processes." The analyst advises organizations in this case to shield these systems from other systems on the network.

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