Monday, 16 March 2015

Sony Compensate Damage Of Hacked PSN Gamer

A gamer who the Sony PlayStation Network account was hacked and used to reimburse hundreds of dollars in fraudulent purchases gets the damage from Sony. The player with the alias "Kadjar" on social news site Reddit message that last week he suddenly got all kinds of confirmations of purchases that he had not done. It would be an amount of more than $ 600.

The gamer logged onto his PSN account and removed the credit card that was linked to the account. By linking a credit to the account it is possible to buy all sorts of games and expansions through the PSN store from Sony. The attacker used this to yourself to purchase any games at the expense of Kadjar. After the card was removed took gamer contact Sony. An employee said that the company is an amount up to $ 150 would compensate.

Kadjar did have the option to cast doubt on the transactions at his bank, but warned the employee that his PSN account banned would be in this case. Therefore, the gamer would lose all his previous purchases. The attacker who had hacked the account of the gamer had deactivated the PlayStation 4 of Kadjar and activated its own console. The Sony Helpdesk allows one activation every six months. Therefore, the gamer would half a year without access to his own account.


The story was widely picked up by the media and made ​​sure Sony On contacting Kadjar and told to investigate the matter.The gamer is now reporting on Reddit that the investigation showed that his account was indeed hacked and Sony will arrange everything. Also told the employee that the Sony headquarters knew his situation and that there will be now examined whether the policy should be adjusted.

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