Monday, 23 March 2015

Emergency Patches Firefox Remedy Pwn2Own Leak

Mozilla has released in a short time two emergency patches for Firefox that fix critical vulnerabilities that an attacker in the worst case, the computer could take over completely. It involves two vulnerabilities that were demonstrated during the Pwn2Own contest in Vancouver.

During the event, researchers can win cash prizes by showing vulnerabilities in popular browsers and browser plug-ins. In Firefox three vulnerabilities were demonstrated, where it earned two responsible investigators $ 45,000 together. A day after the demonstration had already updated to Mozilla Firefox 36.0.3 done that fixed the first two leaks. A few hours later by Firefox 36.0.4 for the third vulnerability.

Updating to Firefox 36.0.4 possible via the automatic update feature of the browser or . Besides Firefox succeeded researchers during the event also to Internet Explorer 11 , Safari and Google Chrome hack. In IE11 most vulnerabilities were discovered, namely four. On the same day as Mozilla also came with a Google update for Chrome, but the description is not mentioned in it or this version vulnerabilities have been patched.

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