Sunday, 15 March 2015

Trojan Discovered In Free Mac Software

A Trojan horse spies on the surfing behavior of Mac users is found in free software, warns the Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web. It would, among other things, the program "Install Free Video Cutter Joiner" go, in which a new variant of the OpinionSpy was found.

This malware can gather information about open sites, analyze network traffic intercepted traffic of chat programs, send files on the system to the malware creator and install extensions in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The Trojan would be found on various websites that offer free software. During the installation, the malware admin rights.

How many Macs do not know by the Trojan tainted late Doctor Web. Nevertheless labeled the anti-virus company OpinionSpy as " threat of the month . " When it comes to infected Macs took the virus fighter in February still about 20,000 Macs infected with the Flashback Trojan from 2012.

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