Sunday, 29 March 2015

AVG Demonstrates Privacy Glasses To Face

Early this month unveiled the Czech anti-virus company AVG privacy glasses designed to prevent face and now the virus fighter has a demonstration online put. The glasses are developed because it more and more places appear cameras and face recognition develops.

It involves, for example pictures made in public places and shared via social media. Someone might thus inadvertently on websites like Facebook may end up and be "tagged". In order to prevent this, the eyeglasses of a reflective material is provided. If someone has a picture with a flash makes the light is reflected and dazzles the camera, making the face of the wearer is not visible.

In the event no flash is used has the glasses on infrared light. That disturbs the sensor of the camera. "If you're worried about your privacy and want to be invisible, then you can ever buy this privacy glasses in the future," said Tony Anscombe AVG.Whether the virus fighter plans to bring the glasses on the market is not yet known.

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