Monday, 16 March 2015

US Gets Email System Offline To Remove Malware

The US State Department has an unclassified e-mail system was taken offline to remove malware that already four months on the network would operate. The malware was discovered in November, when the e-mail system was taken offline and measures were taken.

Last month, however, there appeared a report in the Wall Street Journal that the malware still was not completely removed.Now let government officials across ABC News that a last attempt is made ​​to clean up the system. In a statement on their own website says the ministry because of several security enhancements to the network shortly maintenance will find the system. There were certainly no classified systems or financial consular or HR systems are compromised.

"The recent increase in news stories about cyber incidents shows that the Department on a list of public institutions and companies are having to deal with an increasing number of sophisticated cyber threats," the statement said. In addition to a team of experts from other ministries and the private sector to protect the data of the Ministry, would be a strategy simultaneously performed to better secure the infrastructure of the Ministry. How the malware on the e-mail system was able to get was not disclosed.

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