Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Danish Chiropractors Target Of Ransomware Attack

Danish chiropractors are the target of a highly targeted ransomware attack that attempts to encrypt all kinds of files for ransom. The attack begins with a perfect Danish drawn email, reports the Danish security firm CSIS . The IT security does not exclude that the message was written by a Dane. The email tries through social engineering open the receiver to let the included Dropbox link.

This link points to the kinds of ransomware that encrypts files on the computer. After encrypting a message appears on the screen that the files are encrypted and the user has 24 hours time to get his files, he or she will lose otherwise permanently.The malware also prevents the use of various Windows programs, such as Task Manager, Regedit and MSconfig. The ransomware has a keylogger to save keystrokes.

"We have decided to classify the attack as a major risk, even though that focuses on a specific group. This is mainly because of the level of social engineering that precedes the attack and the destructive code is attempted on the computer to install, "says Peter Kruse of CSIS. He notes that this type of attack is likely to be successful in many Danish organizations and therefore a threat to both companies and the authorities.

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