Tuesday, 17 March 2015

New Video Shows Importance Of Tor Anonymous Internet

The developers of the Tor anonymizing network together with a development studio a short animated video created that shows the importance of the Internet Gate and anonymous. Through the Tor network Internet users can protect their IP address and example visit censored websites.

According to the video walk Internet users in the use of a normal browser is a risk that they are all leak personal information without that they see this immediately. Tor, however, would protect users' privacy and identity. "Tor protects your connection with three encryption layers and let it through three managed servers run by volunteers around the world. This allows us to communicate anonymously on the Internet."

Because Tor users look exactly the same, it is difficult for parties that monitors to identify users, which provides anonymity.The more people use Tor, the stronger the network, since it is easier to hide in a group of people who look the same, according to the video. In addition, Internet activists and bloggers help repressive regimes by also using Tor or run a Tor server.

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