Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Fake Email Wehkamp Spreads Ransomware

Mail order company Wehkamp warns Internet users for an email that already goes around a few days and seems to come from the company, but in reality that is spreading ransomware encrypts files for ransom.According to the email, the recipient would have placed an order with Wehkamp.

It is the computer game Fifa 15 for the PlayStation 3. The message notes for more information on the order to the included zip annex which has an order number. The zip annex again contains an .exe file with an icon from Adobe that the malware appears to be. It is a variant of CTB Locker, which stands for Curve Tor Bitcoin. This ransomware resurfaced last year for the first time. Once users the .exe file to open the computer becomes infected and all kinds of files encrypted. Then users get some days to pay the ransom for decrypting the files.

The infected e-mails using the name of Wehkamp went last week all around, according to a warning from security researcher Mark Loman Twitter. Since then notify all kinds of Twitter users that they have the message received . Increasingly it appears to the so-called order of the computer. "There is indeed a phishing email around that does not come from us. You can best remove him immediately and not open!", says Wehkamp via Twitter.

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