Saturday, 14 March 2015

Small Percentage Of Botnet Servers Hosted In Netherlands

Two years ago there was still controversy when McAfee reported that the Netherlands in the Top 3 countries stood with most botnet servers, but now the situation has changed, according to anti-virus firm Trend Micro. The virus fighter analyzed more than 3,000 servers for botnets in 2014 infected computers were aiming. It turned out that was hosted 2.6% of botnet servers in the Netherlands.

This puts the Netherlands in ninth place in the list of countries. Leader is the USA (21%), followed by the UK (9.5%) and India (6.1%). If there specifically looked at botnet servers used in targeted attacks coming Netherlands not even appear in the list.Trend Micro noted that the location of a botnet server says nothing about the country or the criminals behind the infection.

"Most botnet servers are not located in countries that are thought to shelters for his cybercrime panels. Instead, it is a reflection of the wider internet landscape where countries with an extensive infrastructure all kinds of servers hosting that are popular with cybercriminals," said the researchers

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