Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Swedish City Wants 54,000 Euros Teenager After Hacking

A 17-year-old Swedish teenager who hack knew the city Umea system in order to demonstrate the present security issues may need to pay 54,000 euros. Erik Sundqvist, the municipality had warned of the problems, but that would not have responded.

Subsequently, the teen decided to demonstrate the vulnerabilities in a different way, in which he had full control over the system within an hour. Eventually the boy was arrested and pleaded guilty to hacking. He was sentenced to community service for 35 hours. However, the municipality wants compensation for the damage suffered.

This involves changing the passwords of all, the collection of evidence, information sessions and unspecified charges, reports the Swedish television SVT . The boy's father is outraged by the response of the municipality, partly because his son only the problems aimed to debunk. There is now a Facebook petition launched to support the teen. In addition, the parents of the boy took a lawyer.

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