Tuesday, 31 March 2015

GitHub Know Repel Chinese DDoS Attack After 113 hours

The popular online platform for developers GitHub has a DDoS attack that began on March 26 after 113 hours to successfully beat off, as the website shows through Twitter know. When the DDoS attack combining attack vectors used. It was well known attack techniques and new technologies used by the browsers of unsuspecting people who had nothing to do with the attack, large amounts of data direction github.com send.

"Based on reports we have received, we think that the aim of this attack is to remove certain content," said Jesse Newland from github in a blog posting . According to the company Insight Labs Internet in China was manipulated to harass GitHub website with traffic. Files of the Chinese search engine Baidu were thereby replaced with JavaScript against the GitHub pages of the Chinese New York Times and Great Fire was directed. Great Fire is an organization that monitors censorship in China.The added code caused the browsers of Chinese Internet users every two seconds clippings from the GitHub pages.

Even researchers Netresec say that the "Great Firewall of China" was used to perform a powerful DDoS attack on GitHub."Therefore the Great Firewall can not only be seen as a technology to censor the Internet of Chinese citizens, but also as a platform for conducting DDoS attacks against targets worldwide, with the help of innocent civilians deployed visit Chinese websites." The current measures taken by GitHub would however maintain.

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