Friday, 20 March 2015

Expert: Passwords Are Not The Problem But People

This week, Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 biometric logon will support so users no longer have to use password to gain access to their systems and accounts, but according to one expert passwords are not the problem, but people.

"Although there are safer alternatives and other authentication methods that can be used in addition to the password, the password will still be a long time with us, whether you like it or not," said Richard Walters of Inter media. He also thinks there should be more attention to their passwords "work". Most programs currently only works with passwords. "The reality is that there is nothing wrong with passwords. People are the problem. Users choose passwords that are too simple, too short and too predictable."

Walters points to the passwords of Sony and LinkedIn users who came out through data leaks. Then it appears that more than half of the passwords consist of fewer than eight characters. Even when websites take measures such as salting and hashing these kinds of short passwords still a risk, according to the expert. Users also increase the risk by using the same password for multiple websites.

Password Management

"Despite all attempts to educate users on the importance of using relatively long, complex passwords and willing hour, they do not. And they are rarely changed." Walters, however, sees programs a solution that not only choose a password for the user, but also changes regularly. This form of "automated password management" can help prevent attacks or reduce their impact. "The risk of a data breach is now greater than ever. The removal of human interaction with passwords and the selection and re sizing automation will be a big step forward at different levels."

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