Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Ghostery Privacy Browser Works With Black Phone

The creators of the popular privacy plugin Ghostery a partnership entered into with the makers of the Black Phone, secure smartphone. Recently launched Silent Circle, the company behind the Black Phone, the Silent Store. Through this store Black Phone users can download all kinds of apps that are approved by Silent Circle in the area of privacy and security.

One of the apps that recently through the store offered the Ghostery Privacy Browser. This is a full-fledged mobile browser with the functionality of the Ghostery browser plug-in on the desktop. The browser displays a list of trackers on websites. New trackers are also blocked by default and it is possible to set up a whitelist of popular websites, which should provide for better performance.

The Ghostery Privacy Browser is free to use. However, the developers ask users if they want in return enable the Ghost Rank-feature. In this way information is shared about the trackers that users encounter. The information collected would be anonymous, so it can not be used to track users. The data are then on websites, advertising companies and audit firms offered. For this Ghostery get paid again. However, the option is disabled by default.

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