Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Streaming Service Twitch Reset Passwords After Possible Hacking

The popular video streaming service has all user passwords reset after attackers have been able to access the account details of some users. Twitch is a platform where mainly live streams of computer games on appearing.

Each month, the site, which is owned by Amazon, get more than 100 million visitors. Details about the possible attack are not mentioned. Well Twitch says that to protect user has decided to reset the streaming keys and passwords. In addition, the accounts of Twitter and YouTube disconnected. Users who attempt to log into their account now get to see the message that they have to create a new password.

Twitch advises users to choose a secure password, which mainly use a password manager with a random password generator is recommended. The demands made were made initially to the password for some criticism, which it was decided to relax the requirements slightly. So users can now use passwords of at least 8 characters.

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