Thursday, 26 March 2015

Site Checks Hijacked DNS Settings Router

The past year has regularly occurred cybercriminals adapted the DNS settings of routers so that they could direct users to malicious Web sites without direct user was clear. The Finnish anti-virus firm F-Secure says it has discovered more than 300,000 residential and business routers in 2014 of which were adapted to the DNS settings.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is similar to the directory and translates among other domain names into IP addresses.By adjusting the DNS of the router can criminals traffic from users via their servers run or redirect user to as phishing sites, even though they have stated in their browser the correct URL.

The anti-virus company therefore has a website launched that can be easily verified that the DNS settings on the router or the system are hijacked. In case the DNS hijacked, users advised to disconnect their router from the Internet and reset, change the password, disable remote management and updating the firmware. In the case of custom DNS settings on the computer that can be restarted in order to empty the DNS cache and is advised to perform a virus scan.

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