Saturday, 21 March 2015

Kaspersky Denounces "Sensationalist Reporting" About KGB Ties

Eugene Kaspersky, founder of the Russian anti-virus company, has lashed out at a journalist from Bloomberg because of an article about alleged links between the virus fighter and Russian intelligence services. "It's a long time since I read an article from the first line felt so inaccurate," says Kaspersky.

The article by Bloomberg followed an article by Reuters , which stated that Kaspersky Lab kinds of American cyber-espionage operations would have revealed but would be reluctant to do this in Russian cyber operations. According to Kaspersky search journalists to conspiracy theories where the Kremlin is playing a role. However, the article by Bloomberg was full of false information, speculation and unfair conclusions is based on wrong facts.

"In their hunger for sensation journalists have turned things and ignored some obvious facts. Congratulations to the authors, they have scored well in bad journalism." The Russian fighter virus indicates that anti-virus company actually has unveiled espionage operations that have been attributed to Russian cyber spies. Furthermore, says Kaspersky he never worked for the KGB.

"I have studied mathematics at a school that was sponsored by the Department of Atomic Energy, the Ministry of Defence and the KBG. After I graduated, I worked for several years as a software engineer at Defence", let Kaspersky know. He also denies regular sauna visits with Russian intelligence officers. He also mentions the cooperation between Kaspersky Lab and all investigative agencies, such as Interpol and Europol.

According to Kaspersky, it is difficult for a company with Russian roots to become successful in Europe and the United States. "By default, we are trusted by no one. Our only strategy is to be 100% transparent and fair. It took years to explain who we were. Many people tried to find the" dirty laundry "and failed, because there is nothing to hide is. "


In response to the message sent by Reuters Kaspersky also been a reaction to various media. It let him know to choose a political side. "As governments and their spies treat the Internet as a battlefield, it is increasingly important for IT security to interfere in politics. There is no other way to examine all cyber threats and protect here. If you choose a side transfer your effectiveness at risk. If you ignore certain malware you are partially blind and unable to provide full protection. "

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