Saturday, 14 March 2015

Microsoft Tightened Security Windows With EMET 5.2

Microsoft has released a new version of the free security tool released EMET, which should make it more difficult for attackers to attack Windows computers through both unknown and known vulnerabilities. EMET stands for Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit and adds an extra layer of security to Windows and installed applications increase, so often exploits software vulnerabilities no longer work.

EMET 5.2 includes several fixes and improvements. EMET so now supports warnings and reports of Modern Internet Explorer and IE desktop with Enhanced Protected Mode. There is an added measure to prevent attacks using VBScript. It is an attack technique called "VBScript God Mode", which was used by attackers in recent attacks. This allows an attacker to execute malicious script with elevated privileges.

Additionally, the DLL files are EMET now with Control Flow Guard compiled. This is a new feature that hijacking code must exist. In the past, researchers have demonstrated several times that EMET circumvented can be. In practice, however, it appears that attackers in a different way take into account EMET. So last year was a zero-day attack on IE10 discovered .The attackers, however, decided not to execute the exploit on computers that EMET was installed, probably to avoid detection of the exploit. EMET 5.2 is through this page ( msi download).

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