Sunday, 15 March 2015

Security Expert: Apple Wins Battle Of CIA

This week, The Intercept with a message about attempts by the CIA to crack the security of iPhones and iPads, but according to security expert Robert Graham Apple wins the battle of the American intelligence service. Intercept relies in its own article on documents from whistleblower Edward Snowden, but according to Graham's website saves the completely wrong in its interpretation.

During various conferences CIA would have looked at how information from iPhones can be decrypted. In 2011, when the conference took place, was decrypting encrypted iPhone data time-intensive and did not always work, says Graham. "The context of the presentation was not that she secretly wanted to spy on anyone. The context was that they wanted to decrypt the phones they received."

Contrary to what is in the article The Intercept is claimed Apple would actually win the battle of the CIA, Graham notes."Apple has made it priceless with the iPhone 4 to find out secrets, except in the most important situations, such as phones from the house of Bin Laden." The expert suggests that the iPhone 6 is likely to become impossible. "If the CIA comes to me, I doubt if they managed to get some information from my iPhone."

Graham also discusses the trojaning Xcode, the Apple development tool for compiling iOS apps. This intelligence in all apps loopholes could build. "The CIA is not working to the Xcode that everyone used to trojaning. That would be impossible. They trojaning not the version that Apple provides to developers." Who has need Xcode installed according Graham whatsoever to worry.

Even iPhone users would not have to be afraid that Angry Birds contains a backdoor. "The purpose of the CIA are the hundred users of hawala-like app to make money, which is used only by legitimate targets. " In this case, the CIA would the developer of this app to break his or her Xcode a backdoor provided so that eventually all users of the app can be identified.

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