Sunday, 22 March 2015

NSA Director: US Must Invest In Cyber Attacks

The head of the US Cyber ​​Command and the NSA has a Senate committee announced that the US needs to invest more in the operation of cyber attacks, to deter as other countries. According to Michael Rogers, there is a tipping point .

"The US must consider how we our ability to expand the offensive side," Rogers told, so reports the New York Times.According to the NSA director and head of the Cyber ​​Command scares the current inadequate level off. Raising higher "cyber walls" is also never enough he continued. "We need to expand our ability to provide policy makers and operational commanders a wider choice of options. Because ultimately only a defensive reactive strategy both shows as many resources costs."

According to Rogers, President Obama has not yet decided to give him the authority to carry out cyber attacks. Policymakers would still not convinced that it is time, the cyber commander continued. "We need to increase the comfort and the knowledge of our policy makers with the properties that we have and what we can do."

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