Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Intel Is Working With US Air Force Against Malware

Chip giant Intel is working with the US Air Force on software to detect malware. The software is similar to programs that use schools and universities to catch pupils and students who plagiarize example. Is searched for code that is also found in other malware. The program uses the code of more than 4.5 million malware instances.

This would lazy malware authors who borrow code from other malware or earlier versions can be caught, says The Gazette .According to Jason Upchurch, a researcher at Intel, malware authors reuse code themselves or others because it is effective and efficient. Often, a small code modification sure the malware not detected by virus scanners. By looking at parts of the code would be the solution from Intel and the Air Force Academy will recognize the malware.

The Air Force is also pleased to be working with Intel. "We get a taste of new technologies," said Lt. Col. Greg Benettt of the innovation center of the Department of Homeland Security. He argues that cuts through research by the private sector, such as the collaboration with Intel, is playing an important role. "The research by the private sector is much more substantial than what we can perform in the army and the government itself." The cadets will give the opportunity to gain the necessary experience.Next month Benett hopes to conclude a research agreement with Google, reports FCW .

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