Saturday, 14 March 2015

Firefox Probably Get Automatic Repair Function

Mozilla is working on an experimental system that Firefox soon own problems in the browser can notice to remedy that then automatically and proactively. This relates for example to a hijacked or custom search engine that will restore the original state browser.

Possibly Firefox are recovering the impact of undesirable or unwanted add-ons automatically. The new measure is called "Self Heal" and was last week during a meeting called between Firefox Developers (from minute 6:00 ). The discussion prior to Self Heal was about the signing of Firefox add-ons, which should mitigate the inconvenience of malicious browser extensions.Through Self Heal could be extended further.

Meanwhile, Mozilla also announced the availability of a " Self-Repair server "is announced, which should ensure that found Firefox can repair problems yourself. However, further details are still missing, and whether and when the function will be implemented exactly. To counter the nuisance of malicious add-ons and malware Google added two years ago, a reset button to Chrome to which recovers all kinds of custom settings in original state.

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