Tuesday, 17 March 2015

US Bank Introduces Pins Via Smartphone

A US bank has 750 ATMs adapted so customers money using their smartphone instead of a debit card can record. To pin must BMO Harris Bank customers install an app on your smartphone. The app can record it indicated amount.

Then the smartphone to scan a QR code on the screen of the selected ATM, after which the money is spent. The QR code would expire after 45 seconds. "When you walk away from an ATM with a QR code on the screen, there's no risk. The QR code contains no personal information about you or your accounts. It only identifies the ATM you use for the transaction," the explanation of the bank.

The entire process of pins would take fifteen seconds mobile, while a normal transaction with a debit card would take 45 seconds. The bank notes that the map data of the customer are not stored on the smartphone or app. In case customers lose their smartphone, they should be immediately reported this to the bank, so that mobile banking can be disabled.

"Smartphones are increasingly becoming the only device that people use to manage their lives," says Connie Stefankiewicz of BMO Harris Bank. "Consumers have growing expectations when it comes to digital tools and services they offer. When it comes to personal finances, we know that our customers want their financial needs through their smartphone." The bank is planning to prepare in June another 150 ATMs for mobile pins.

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