Sunday, 29 March 2015

FBI Denies Deliberately Removing Encryption Advice

The FBI denies deliberately removed a tip on how to enable encryption on smartphones from its own website. This week the blog came Techdirt with an article that said the security advisory to encrypt the smartphone from the FBI site had disappeared.

The weblog tied this to statements by FBI Director James Comey that rather negative about the standard encrypting smartphones had spoken by Apple and Google. The National Journal contacted the FBI and was told that there was no malice in the game. The website should be redesigned.

There were recommendations, which stems from 2013, taken from another government site, namely the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Here are the tips to find still . Furthermore, the spokesman said that the investigation service still stands behind the advice that stood on the site and that it is in favor of the use of encryption by smartphone users to protect their data.

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