Saturday, 21 March 2015

Anti-virus Company Will Pay Ransomware Okay

British anti-virus firm Sophos finds it okay if victims of ransomware pay to pay their encrypted data, although it is better not to do this. Thus the virus fighter is partially against the advice of police and some experts in that just advise to never pay .

By paying criminals would continue with their practices. In addition, there is no guarantee that victims receive a decryption key or to decrypt the work files. Recently 25 Dutch companies had paid the creators of ransomware and recovering their files. There are also cases of American police agencies known to have been infected and eventually paid .

Sophos also states that it is easy to say that victims should not pay, but it's a different story if it were your own data. The anti-virus company says that it's okay to pay, but if it can be avoided. In addition, Internet users would be wise to take precautions, such as making backups. In the case of an infection can therefore be reduced and ultimately the damage is unavoidable that there is to be paid.

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