Monday, 16 March 2015

Microsoft Would Consider P2P Updates For Windows 10

Microsoft would consider for Windows 10 updates not only to offer through its own servers, but also spread through other sites. This reports The Verge based on a leaked test version of Windows 10. In this version, users can choose to receive updates from multiple locations so they can be downloaded faster.

In addition, users have the option to download apps and updates to computers on the local network or computers on the local network and computers on the Internet. P2P update feature has not been officially announced by Microsoft and it is unknown what technology the software giant used.

In 2013 was Pando Networks acquired by Microsoft. This company has developed a technology for the exchange of files that was based on that of BitTorrent, but includes various modifications. Soon there will be a new test version of Windows 10 appear to the public. This version will also include the new update method.

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