Thursday, 28 May 2015

18 Virus Scanners For Linux Systems Tested

The Austrian test lab AV-Comparatives tested for the first virus for Linux. According to the test organ Linux is often considered a more secure platform than Windows, but does exist malware for Linux. In addition, Linux systems are often used as a file server, and can therefore come into contact with Windows Malware.

By installing a virus scanner can this malware are detected and thus prevent Windows computers become infected. The test report indicates AV-Comparatives also explain why so few Linux malware in circulation. That would relate to the large number of Linux Kernels and Linux distributions. The large number of different software configurations makes it more difficult for an attacker to produce malware that is compatible with a large part of the configurations.

Another factor that AV-Comparatives is pointing to is the small market share of Linux, which makes no lucrative target for attackers. This low proportion may also explain the small number of virus scanners for Linux compared to Windows. Unlike an earlier test of Virus Bulletin , AV-Comparatives decided not to test with malware but only to see the operation and features of the programs. For example, for each program discussed the installation and user interface.

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