Sunday, 24 May 2015

Malware Steals 80,000 Euros Of Belgian Company

Cyber criminals are using malware 80,000 last month from a Belgian company managed to steal. The malware is aimed at companies that use the Isabel system for Internet banking. This week it was announced that several Belgian companies by the malware were affected.

One of these companies is metal processor Breetec. "My sister Sandra was paid to perform via Isabel," says director Koen Beckers opposite Het Belang van Limburg . "A few days later I saw on the account statement that was paid just over 80,000 at one time to a recipient in Dubai. It was remarkable, because that's a serious amount of money for our business, not ordinary. My sister showed that payment could not to have done. "

The malware where the Belgian companies by affected spreads via e-mail. Once running on the computer the malware puts a fraudulent transaction done. Isabel works with a card reader and PIN required to approve the transaction. The malware transaction can not perform themselves. After getting all of the transaction from the user's card reader, however, will squeak.The risk is that the user now enters his PIN as an automatism and so approves the transaction itself.

Meanwhile, the company that Isabel develops a warning posted on its website. It states that companies recognize an infection if they need to enter the PIN Isabel repeatedly while it is not expected, users are regularly logged and Isabel 6 should reboot and the computer becomes slow. To protect themselves against malware is recommended to disable macros in Microsoft Office, any unknown links or opening attachments, two that multiple persons transactions drafting and drawing and limiting the authority of users to a maximum amount which is sufficient for small daily payments.

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