Friday, 29 May 2015

"Dormant" Ransomware Makes Victims Worldwide

Main Locker Screen
This week, the world of computers with a new ransomware variant infected become infected systems which quietly and suddenly became active on 25 May. It is the locker-ransomware which like other kinds of ransomware specimens encrypts files on the system.

According Bleeping Computer is a large number of people worldwide affected by the malware. After the encryption users will see a notification that they have to pay 0.1 bitcoin. That comes with the current exchange rate equivalent to 22 euros. An amount that is one-tenth of what questions ransomware many other instances. In the warning that users get to see is further stated that they should not investigate Locker ransomware or remove, because the private key will be destroyed and the data is no longer decrypt.

Experts, however, that this is just a way to scare people so that they pay the amount requested. Besides the forum Bleeping Computer are also social news site Reddit been several reports of the victims appeared to have the amount paid. It is the low price of 22 euros given as a reason to watch or by paying the files are recoverable. Several victims have thereby know that after the pay could decrypt their files and so got back.

How Locker ransomware exactly spreads is not yet confirmed, but possibly it is a cracked version of Minecraft or sports streaming sites, although e-mail attachments and exploits are mentioned. The ransomware would just delete the Volume Shadow Copies on the C drive. This would be possible through the Volume Shadow Copies of other disks for files that have been encrypted there without paying retrieve .

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